7 Reasons Why Colorado Loves Microbreweries

Colorado is home to some of the best craft breweries in the nation. And it’s no surprise that Denver is home to The Great American Beer Festival. So what makes Colorado such a great place to start a brewery? What is it about Colorado Microbreweries that brings in people in packs? We’ll tell you!

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1. People in Colorado are adventurous. There are so many ways to explore new things in Colorado. You can hike, fish, hunt, and ski. Colorado really has year round opportunities to live on the edge. It’s no different when it comes to food and beverage. Every time you walk into a brewery in Colorado you can try a new craft brew and live on the edge.

2. Beards. There we said it. As the beard trend has been on the rise so has the need for trying new microbreweries. They must be related.

3. It must be the altitude. Something about the elevation of the ground in Denver makes a craft brew taste even better!

4. People in Colorado are health nuts. It goes right along with being adventurous. Since you can get amazing gluten free and organic craft beers in Colorado it must be healthy right?

5. Bar food. There’s just something about the combination of a good beer and burger that brings in the people of Colorado by the dozens.

6. It’s a conversation starter. No need for pick up lines when you have a good craft brew in your hands!

7. Drinking a craft brew elevates your social status. Walk into many microbreweries in Colorado and you will find great beer at great prices but the instant you order a unique craft beer you may just see a change in your social status. Just make sure you check in by updating your Facebook status.

And just one more for the road. Reason #8 – the most interesting man and and Chuck Norris have been spotted at many Colorado microbreweries.

Ok, we hope you had fun with this! If you are considering starting your own brewery in Colorado be sure to contact us for the best insurance rates!

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