Surviving Summer Yard Work

Spring means the coming of many great things.  Great weather, flowers, and outdoor activities.  But Spring and Summer also brings sunburns, allergies and heat.  We’ve posted Tips for a Greener Lawn This Summer and now we bring you Tips for Surviving Summer Yard Work.

Tips for Surviving Summer Yard Work

  • Wearing long sleeves to protect your arms from scratches, and eye protection if you end up “chipping up” branches into mulch.

  • Make sure your “lawn mower” isn’t set too low  — the sun will burn the grass if it’s mowed too short.

  • Wear a hat to protect your head and face from the sun.   It’s better to start yard work in early morning before the afternoon heat arrives.

  • Recycle as much of the debris as possible – shred branches into “mulch”.   Old leaves into compost etc.

  • Have proper tools – spades, rakes, shovels, pruners, etc.

  • Wear sunscreen!

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