Winter Home Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Family Safe and Warm

Winter is coming and the temperatures can easily drop below freezing and cause many homeowners a headache to repair broken pipes. This winter protect your home with these simple winter home maintenance tips!

Start your winter home maintenance now before the first winter storm!

Winter Home Maintenance Tips:

  • When the temperature drops, be aware of your pipes.  Keeping your cabinet doors open so the pipes can have warm air can help.  If there is damage from broken pipes your homeowner’s insurance can help with the repairs.
  • If you are renting be sure to have renters insurance.  The landlord is not responsible for replacing your belongings in the case of damage.
  • Check windows and doors for any gaps that will allow the cold air to come in. Consider additional window treatments for the winter months.
  • If there is damage to your house, like a fallen tree, be sure to cover the area with a tarp or plywood.  Insurance can help with damages due to the storm but they might not cover damages caused by further damage if it rains after.

You can find more winter home maintenance tips here.

You might also want to prepare your vehicles for winter with these easy tips!

Auto Winter Tips:

  • During major snow storms stay home if possible.  If you must go out in the storm drive with caution.  Be aware of your surroundings because you might be cautious but you cannot control the drivers around you.
  • The snow can also wear on your paint job.  If you do not have a garage or carport try using a cover for your car to keep the paint in good shape.
  • Depending on your climate you may want to put a treatment into your gas tank to help protect against freezing.

Here at Trust Hall Insurance Services, we want you and your family protected against the storm. Call us today for a free quote or to go over your existing homeowner’s insurance policy.

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