Ways You Can Use Life Insurance

Life insurance is complicated, even we admit to that.  That’s why we think it’s important that the more you know the more informed decision you can make about your money.  Do you want your money to go to a child or grandchild? Would you like to make a charitable donation that is tax-free?  Do you […]

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Surviving Summer Yard Work

Spring means the coming of many great things.  Great weather, flowers, and outdoor activities.  But Spring and Summer also brings sunburns, allergies and heat.  We’ve posted Tips for a Greener Lawn This Summer and now we bring you Tips for Surviving Summer Yard Work. Tips for Surviving Summer Yard Work Wearing long sleeves to protect your […]

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7 Reasons Why Colorado Loves Microbreweries

Colorado is home to some of the best craft breweries in the nation. And it’s no surprise that Denver is home to The Great American Beer Festival. So what makes Colorado such a great place to start a brewery? What is it about Colorado Microbreweries that brings in people in packs? We’ll tell you! 1. […]

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips

We know it just snowed and you are probably only dreaming of spring.  It will be here and the cleaning that comes with it are only inevitable.  Soon you will be mowing your lawn, cleaning out your garage and decluttering your house. Here are 5 tips to get you started: One room at a time. […]

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See the Value in Vision Insurance

It’s 5:00 and you have that all too familiar headache. You might think it’s just the stress of being at work all day. But did you know that 70% of all adults suffer from digital eye strain? This number is only going to rise the more we use technology. Your vision exams can do more […]

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Skiing and Snowboarding Safety Tips

Seems like every year we hear about a famous celebrity who has been seriously injured or killed in a skiing or snowboarding accident. But there are so many other accidents you never hear about. Keep your family safe this year with these skiing and snowboarding safety tips. Out of every million ski/snowboard visits, one ends […]

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Emergency Preparedness Kit

In the case of a natural disaster, it’s important to have everything you need to survive for at least 3 days. That’s where the term 72-hour kit comes from. An emergency preparedness kit will help you and your family survive a number of natural disasters. Food for your emergency preparedness kit… There are many ideas […]

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