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Owning your own property comes with well-known risks.Landlord liability coverage can help cover you for many of those risks. Being a landlord exposes you to potential lawsuits on a daily basis. If you’re ever found liable for an injury that happened your property it can end up costing you your income.

What does a Landlord Insurance Policy Cover?

Landlord liability insurance is there to help you cover medical and legal fees that stack up after accidents on the property. Every policy is different and we can tailor one to fit your needs. Coverage may include:

  • Tenant injuries due to negligence on the property. Accidents will be your responsibility if you did not maintain the property.
  • Security on the property. Lighting, security cameras, and fencing are all expensive to replace but necessary to the safety of your tenants.
  • Tenant behavior can sometimes be unlawful. Tenants and neighbors could sue as a result.
  • Liability to cover against accidents that damage the property.
  • Fair Rental Value Coverage helps you keep your income in the case you have to evacuate tenants.
  • Lock replacement to cover the costs of replacing locks and keys.

How much does landlord insurance cost?

Proper coverage is affordable. Trust Hall Insurance offers a variety of discounts on Landlord Insurance policies that help keep costs affordable. Ask our agents about discounts you might be eligible for.

The Trust Hall Insurance Difference

Trust Hall Insurance Services is dedicated to finding you the proper coverages for your business. The cheapest insurance isn’t always what you bargained for. Let us help you structure a policy that actually covers you.

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