Bring An End To Abuse

Imagine being a frightened and vulnerable child who has been abused. Opening up about trauma is like further cutting a wound. Every year, nearly 10,000 children experience some form of abuse or neglect. The statistics on child abuse in Colorado are truly terrifying. Trust Hall Insurance Services stands with survivors of abuse.

We support the mission of the Ralston House Child Advocacy Center. They are a non-profit that “provides a friendly and safe space for child and teen survivors of abuse to tell their stories and begin the healing process.” Their approach helps to ensure that no child has to re-lives their ordeal multiple times as a result of different interviews.

We hope to bring awareness to this issue but also support these organization’s programs and services. “Child abuse is a serious concern for millions of people across the country. With this campaign, our agency is doing our part to bring an end to abuse in the Metro Denver area,” said agency CEO Scot Humrich.


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