Life After Cancer is EPIC

Life after cancer is beyond follow-up appointments, blood tests and medication. It’s about integrating back into society with a new outlook, appreciation and living it up to the fullest. However, after they fight their battles, remission patients often feel overwhelmed with emotions afterwards. Although grateful, many deal with fear of recurrence, depression, and anxiety and have a hard time coming back to reality.

Epic Experience has designed a free week-long adventure through the Colorado Rockies for cancer survivors so they can remember what it feels to have life running through their veins. Throughout the week, as participants challenge their physical strength, find commonality with other survivors, and open up about their fears, they gain hope and return home with a fresh perspective of life after cancer.

That is why we have decided to support Epic Experience’s ongoing efforts to give hope and provide an unforgettable experience to adult cancer survivors…and we want you to be a part of it too!

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