Rebuilding Together

What began as a peaceful day in our beautiful Boulder community soon took a turn for the worst when a gunman opened fire in a local supermarket. The incident took place on March 22, 2021, and claimed the lives of ten innocent souls. Gun violence has remained in critical issue in states across the country. Since 1966, 1,102 Americans have been killed in mass shootings, and thousands more have been injured – both physically emotionally. As advocates for individuals’ safety and wellness in our community, we want to support those victims affected by gun violence by providing them with a safe space.

According to psychologists’ research, it is critical to ensure that victims feel supported by their communities in the aftermath of gun violence. Now more than ever, as we recover from the trauma of that day, it is crucial that we show resilience.

We are committed to raising awareness in our community and giving our customers, partners, and anybody else that cares the ability to make an impact themselves. We will donate $10 on your behalf to our current Community Cause campaign for every person you recommend to us. With your help, we can bring back hope to our community.


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