Funeral Home Insurance

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Colorado Funeral Home Insurance

Colorado Funeral Home Insurance

At Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc, our primary goal is to help business owners maintain the satisfaction of their customers with affordable insurance premiums. For funeral homes in Colorado, keeping visitors and customers safe and happy is crucial to build and uphold a positive reputation that supports your bottom line. It does not matter if you have a funeral home that you already own and operate or if you are thinking about the purchase or new construction of a funeral home, it is essential that you learn about Funeral Home Insurance

Basic Coverage Needs

Basic Coverage Needs

As with any type of business, you need to have some basics in place. First of all, there is General Liability Insurance. This type of insurance will protect your funeral business if you ever face lawsuits regarding personal injury, bodily injury or property damage. With frivolous lawsuits steadily increasing in recent years, it is vital that you have the right insurance policy in place to protect your business.

Next, you want to make sure that you have the best Commercial Property Insurance policy to protect the real property, equipment and furnishings of your funeral home. Your agent at Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc will be able to help you determine the exact amount of coverage that you need for your funeral home business based on the general size of your facility as well as your equipment and furnishings. It is also necessary to include any artwork, antiques or office equipment that is used in your funeral home.

Another basic Funeral Director Insurance type required by funeral homes is Workers Compensation for your employees. With this type of coverage, your employees are protected against a loss of salary and medical costs for any illness or injury that occurs while on the job. A common injury in the funeral home industry is back injuries, which is often caused by the lifting of bodies, caskets, etc. With workers compensation coverage, your business will be protected from legal action taken by an employee who sustains injury while working for you.

Additional Necessary Coverage

Additional Necessary Coverage

In addition to general liability coverage, property coverage and workers compensation, there are a number of other types of coverage that you need to consider for your Funeral Home Insurance policy.

  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance – The funeral business requires the use of several vehicles, including flower vans, hearses and limousines. Because these vehicles are seldom involved in accidents, we are able to offer you this type of coverage at an incredibly affordable price. You should also talk to your agent at Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc about coverage for non-owned vehicles that may be used by your funeral home.
  • Property In Transit Coverage – This type of coverage protects your property as it is being transported. For example, this policy will cover items that you need to transport for graveside services among other transportation services.
  • Off-Site Equipment Coverage – This addition to your Funeral Director Insurance will protect the property that is owned by your funeral home business while it is in storage or in use at another location.
  • Valet Parking Coverage – If your funeral home provides a valet service for your customers and visitors, this is definitely an option that you need to explore.
  • Business Interruption Coverage – At some point, you are likely to experience equipment failure or another event that will interrupt operations. With this type of coverage you will be protected against such instances.
  • Errors And Omissions Coverage for Funeral Directors – With this coverage, your directors are protected against claims of negligence, errors or omissions that may occur.

It is extremely important as the owner of a funeral home to get help with your Funeral Director Insurance that you contact Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc right away to discuss a comprehensive insurance package that will provide you with coverage for risk exposures unique to the funeral home business.