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Quality Insurance and Service to Match Your High Value Home Needs

Quality Insurance and Service to Match Your High Value Home Needs

If you own a high-value home, you’re almost certainly a person of discernment, who understands the importance of properly insuring it. You’re looking for special treatment and you know you shouldn’t settle for an off-the-shelf policy. That may not protect some of the very things that are most important to you, including the structure of your home itself.

The best insurance coverage for a high-end home should be customized to match the unique investment you’ve created. And you need a specialist agent with expertise in this field, with the right insurer connections, and a top-class reputation for reliability and integrity.

In Colorado, that would be Trust Hall.

The Trust Hall High Value Home Insurance Program

Our unique high-value home coverage plan is built around the fundamentals of a solid homeowners insurance policy:

  • Structural property insurance against a wide variety of perils such as fire, vandalism, windstorm.
  • Contents and personal property coverage against damage or loss, including personal possessions that you take with you while away from home. Options for replacement cost or cash value.
  • Liability protection for legal costs relating to injuries to visitors or passers-by arising from a hazard in your home. Includes dog-bites.
  • No-fault medical coverage for injuries as above.
  • Accommodation and other expenses if you’re temporarily displaced from your home as a result of an insured incident.

We can tailor and adjust these elements for all types of high-value property including historic homes and large estates, to take account of:

  • The higher cost of rebuilding or replacing a home with unique, antique, environmental or expensive architectural features or materials. Your policy is based on rebuilding/replacement costs, not market value.
  • The option to increase standard limits on personal property coverage, including insurance for antiques, jewelry, collections and other items of high value. We can help you inventory and value your possessions and secure guaranteed replacement values. Some insurance companies may even be prepared to inspect your home to make sure they have the correct valuations.
  • The cost of higher quality temporary accommodation and other living expenses during displacement.
  • Items you keep at home that are primarily for use in your business activities.
  • Endorsements for additional protections that fall outside of a standard policy, including special features like pools and spas, identity theft and cyber risk, as well as personal liability coverage outside the home, such as when you’re on vacation.
  • Flood risk, which falls outside the scope of a standard homeowners’ policy.
  • Larger policy limits and then umbrella insurance to raise liability coverage further.
  • Sewer and pipe backup, which is not part of regular homeowners coverage

Furthermore, we take special care of our high-end homeowners by monitoring coverage to ensure it remains adequate and price competitive. We offer help and advocacy with claims and welcome face-to-face discussions to answer questions and review coverage.

A Cost-Competitive Solution

A Cost-Competitive Solution

All this customization doesn’t mean an expensive solution. As an independent agent, we work with multiple insurance companies who specialize in this high-end and private client field. Our contacts enable us to secure exactly the right coverage at an extremely price-competitive premium.

We also strive to secure generous discounts for clients agreeing to higher deductibles, installing security and safety equipment, or holding other policies with the same insurance companies.

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Trust Hall Insurance responds to these priorities by taking responsibility for understanding your needs and finding the right quality coverage.

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