Earthquake Disaster Preparedness

Before an Earthquake

8 minor earthquakes were registered in Western Colorado in January 2017. Colorado has previously had major earthquakes as well. Though not common, it is still smart to have a plan in the event of an earthquake near you.

Basic Emergency Supply Kit

Be sure to keep an emergency supply kit ready and easily accessible. Let the whole family know where it is. Click here to read more about 72-hour kits.

You might also want to:

  • Fasten shelves, dressers, or large furniture securely to the wall.
  • Large decor should not be hung where it could fall on family members while they sleep.
  • Check light fixtures to make sure they are secure.
  • Store flammable products on lower shelves with a latch.

Make a plan:

  • Go over safe spots in each room of the house.
  • Hold drills and practice different scenarios.
  • Make sure each family member can locate the emergency supply kit.

During an Earthquake

During an earthquake you need to locate a safe spot in the current room you are in. Get close to interior walls and avoid exterior walls, glass or large objects. It is best to get under and hold onto a table.

After an Earthquake

Make a plan with your family to meet and assess injuries. Emergency services will most likely take longer to reach you so your emergency supply kit should have basic supplies to help with injuries until emergency services can reach you.

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