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Laundromats are complicated businesses. Arguably, you can find more dangers than there are suds in the machines. The list is quite extensive, and includes such hazards as:

  • Overflowing, overheating and other machine-related malfunctions
  • Destroyed or ruined clothing
  • Slip and fall liability

Can you think of any better reason to obtain Laundromat insurance?

Protect Your Entire Business With Comprehensive Laundry Insurance

Simply insuring the machines is not enough. In one case we heard of, a hard-working coin op Laundromat operator found out the hard way. He had obtained a basic coin op insurance policy, covering only his washers, dryers and pressers. Unfortunately, his business caught fire, destroying the insured machines.

The insurance company quickly paid for replacements. Yet, this did not solve the problem. Fire damage made operating his facility impossible for some time. The business went into bankruptcy. He lost everything.

What he had really needed was a loss of income plan under his laundromat insurance. If he had the plan, the Laundromat operator would have received some money for expenses and some profit during the lengthy time it took to prepare the business for reopening.

Insure More Than Your Machines

What a Laundromat owner needs is comprehensive Laundrymat insurance. A laundry coin op insurance policy will contain all the protection you require. A comprehensive Laundromat or coin op Laundromat insurance policy will be designed to address all issues. In one complete package, you will find protection against, among others:

  • Liability
  • Property
  • Equipment
  • Machinery

Trust Hall Insurance Services, Inc: Your Arvada Laundry Insurance Expert

When it comes to the perils and risks you and your business face, allow Trust Hall Insurance Services, Inc. to guide you through the process. A high ranking insurance carrier, our professionals will not only help you put together a thorough and well-executed coin op insurance policy. We will make sure you understand exactly what dangers and risks you face before committing you to the purchase.

As your partner, the veteran at Trust Hall Insurance Services, Inc. is aware of the issues. This professional knows the problems and can address the various issues and the protection they require. Since 1929, we have provided expert advice for all of Arvada’s business insurance needs. We can provide you with coin op insurance or full-service laundry insurance in a premiere but very affordable package.

Don’t delay. Simply fill in the accompanying Protection Savings Form. Upon receiving it, we will get in touch. After discussing what you need, we can then provide you with a no-risk, no-obligation quote on the right coin op laundry insurance policy for your business.