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Within the past few decades, microbreweries have increased dramatically in popularity. At Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc, we have developed a special insurance program designed specifically for microbrewers like yours. We make sure that our clients have access to the most inclusive and reasonably priced Microbrewery Insurance policies on the market.

Owning and operating a microbrewery makes you vulnerable to a wide variety of unique risks. Numerous aspects are related to this specific industry, but at Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc we do all that we can to make certain that all aspects of your microbrewery business are covered.

Why You Need Coverage

Why You Need Coverage

For those in the microbrewery industry, risks are in abundance. Proper Craft Brewery Insurance could mean the difference between successfully expanding your business and failing miserably due to complex hazards.

Even for those whose operations are small and equipment is minimal, vulnerability to risk is still just as high as it is for the larger companies. This means that regardless of the size of your microbrewery, property insurance, liability insurance and equipment insurance are all essential types of coverage.

Coverage against product recall and business interruption will also improve your brewery’s chances of surviving the long haul. If the size of your workforce expands beyond just an owner/operator, then you have a need for Workers Compensation coverage in your Brewers Insurance policy.

In addition, no matter how big your operation may be, you should have Liquor Liability Insurance. This will protect you against the actions of anyone that consumes your beverages, no matter where they were at the time of consumption. You could even face liability charges due to the actions of someone that drinks from a donated keg at a charity event, so it is important to have all inclusive Microbrewery Insurance, such as that offered by Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc.

As your entrepreneurial endeavors take you from being an adored home brewer to a regional microbrewer, the risks become even more complex and severe. In addition to the Craft Brewery Insurance required for a startup company, essential coverage also includes Workers Comp, automobile, transportation and even umbrella.

Essential Coverage Types

Essential Coverage Types

As soon as you start to sell your product, you will need liability insurance. Your agent will be happy to discuss with you all the various types of liability coverage available, such as product liability, liquor liability and premise liability, as well as others.

You will need Commercial Property Insurance to cover all of the equipment that you use to brew your beer. This included everything from bottles and yeast to office desks and mash tuns. This type of Brewers Insurance is necessary to protect your investment. You will also be covered against tenant improvement customization in a leased space as well as income during suspended operations.

Property in Transit is a type of coverage that makes certain you are protected when your equipment or finished products are transported, whether by you or someone else. If you lease kegs for your product, you may be required by the company to have this type of coverage in order to cover their property.

Regardless of whether your vehicle is in the name of your microbrewery, it is essential that you secure Commercial Auto Insurance coverage for your business. In addition to covering the vehicles that you own, it may also cover employee-owned vehicles and any vehicles that you rent for traveling or events. For example, if you send an employee out to get lunch for the office and he or she is involved in an automobile accident, your business may be liable. When talking with your agent, ask about including this type of coverage in your Craft Brewery Insurance policy.

Even if you only have a single employee, you need workers compensation coverage. This will make sure that all members of your organization from brewers and sales reps to office employees and servers are protected.

Whether caused by Mother Nature or a freak accident, no amount of risk management is going to insulate your business from unexpected loss. It is times such as this that you will benefit greatly from your Brewers Insurance policy from Trust Hall Insurance Services Inc in Arvada, CO.