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What is Powersports Insurance?

It’s financial protection against accidents, injury, loss of life and damage to vehicles, watercraft or property resulting from your powersports activity.

This can include medical, legal and repair or replacement costs up to limits specified in your policy.

Good powersports insurance comes from good, reputable carriers specializing in this area. As an independent agency, we work with most of them, so we can secure the right coverage at the right price.

Powersport Insurance Experts, Right Here For You

Powersport Insurance Experts, Right Here For You

If you’re into Powersports of any kind, you’ll know you face extra risks beyond the everyday. Risks to you. Risks to other participants. And risks to your vehicle or craft.

That may be the price you pay for the experiences you enjoy. But you don’t need to lose sleep over these risks if you’re properly insured. And you will be properly insured if you put your trust in Trust Hall.

We’re experts in Powersports insurance. We know how to identify the right protection for your needs, where to find it at the best price and how to take care of you when you have questions or file a claim.

What Risks Are Covered by Powersports Insurance?

What Risks Are Covered by Powersports Insurance?

Over many years, we’ve developed a powersport insurance program that’s second to none. It’s tailored to your specific powersports activity and can provide the following key levels of protection:

  • Liability insurance to meet or offset the cost of bodily injury or damage you cause.
  • Medical costs for you and your companions, whoever caused the incident.
  • Coverage for damage to or loss of your vehicle, vessel and ancillary equipment in an accident. This can be based on the actual value of the item or its full replacement cost. We can help you decide on this.
  • Mechanical breakdown insurance, rescue and roadside assistance.
  • Insurance for other perils like theft, vandalism, fire, towing and more.
  • Extra protection in case someone who causes damage or injury is not adequately insured.

Some of these coverages are options and, obviously, because powersports differ from each other, so do insurance policies and their premiums. Trust Hall will ensure you get the right protection.

We also advise on and make sure you comply with legal requirements for your powersports activity both in Colorado and beyond.

What Types of Vehicle and Craft Can be Covered by Powersports Insurance?

What Types of Vehicle and Craft Can be Covered by Powersports Insurance?

We can insure every type of powersports activity. People, including insurance companies, have different ideas about what’s included. It’s a wide field and activities don’t have to include sports, despite the term. But they’re all usually motorized or hauled by them. Here are some examples:

  • Recreational motorsports vehicles such as:
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Snowmobiles
  • Motorcycles — on- and off-road
  • Utility vehicles like golf carts, motor scooters, mopeds and Segways.
  • Motorhomes and trailers
  • Watercraft including:
  • Jet skis (like Sea-Doos) and jet boats
  • Amphibious vehicles
  • Underwater scooters
  • Speedboats and yachts
  • Other personal watercraft (PWCs)

Powersports Insurance in Colorado

When you’re seeking powersports insurance in Colorado, Trust Hall is your simple, one-stop solution.

We do all the legwork to find the right insurance at a competitive price. We often can secure premium discounts based on factors like your deductible (the amount you agree to pay before your insurance kicks in), where and how your vehicle, trailer or craft is used, who will be allowed to use it and so on.

We can protect you whether you use your equipment just for pleasure or competitively, though rates will naturally vary.

Our friendly team of powersports insurance professionals can answer your questions and provide advice and help should you need to make a claim.

Get the Right Powersport Protection Now

Whether you’re insuring new equipment or coming up for renewal, we can help you get a great deal. We’ll provide a quote or selection of quotes at no cost and without any obligation.

Contact us now, via this website, email or phone — or drop into our office — and we’ll get working for you. Fast.